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WP-Paginate is another popular plugin for setting up custom pagination on your WordPress site. In addition to helping you paginate your posts, you can also use the plugin to add custom pagination to your comments sections, which can help you speed up your comments.

Unlike the WP-PageNavi plugin above, you do not need to edit your theme template files directly, which might make this a better option if you’re not a technical person. For more advanced users, you still have the option of using PHP to place the pagination in your theme’s template files manually.

With the plugin, you’ll be able to customize all aspects of your pagination, including the following:

  • Labels and buttons
  • Placement
  • How many navigation items to display

There’s a free version at WordPress.org that should work for most sites. There’s also a $19 premium version that adds more pre-set styles and style options.

How It Works

To configure the plugin, you can go to Settings → WP-Paginate to control the plugin’s settings.

If you want to display the plugin’s pagination without editing your theme’s template files, you’ll want to make the following selections in the Location & Position settings:

  1. Check the Everywhere box to display your new pagination everywhere where pagination is needed.
  2. Set the Position drop-down equal to Below the Content.
  3. Check the Hide Standard Pagination box to hide your theme’s existing pagination.

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